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You can upload a file from a URL or from your own computer.

To upload from URL use our online uploader. Just fill in the 2 fields above, title and URL. Wait a moment and your upload should be done. Your video will be sent for conversion and then you can see it in the "Manage" section.

The second option is to upload a file from your own computer.

For any size of videos (up to 5GB and maximum 135minutes) you can use our online uploader. Fill in ONLY the title. Leave the URL empty. In the next screen accept/trust the JAVA Application and select the file to upload or Drag&Drop it in the window. Wait until the upload completes. You will then see a confirmation message that the upload has finished correctly. Be patient until the file gets converted and shown in the "Manage" section. This should take few time to complete...

That's all! Enjoy uploading and sharing your videos with the community, and not only, members!